Pedro Cerdán




Born in Barcelona in 1967 where he completed his primary and secondary education up until C.O.U. At 18 years of age he and his family relocated to Caracas (Venezuela) where he initiated his studies of Interior Design.

At 22 after completing his studies he shared work with the eminent cinematographic decorator J.A. De la Guerra, at the same time as teaching as professor of design. As a result he has developed a more versatile and adaptable approach to the necessities of each project.

What we do…

Interior Design and Decoration

Our services are centered in the field of interior space design, full management, supervision and actualization of projects. We also specialize in aesthetic consulting at commercial and privet levels in addition to graphic design and image. Working with us we have a large group of qualified and experienced professionals.


Our services in interior design are complemented with architecture, qualified construction management and the service of processing necessary documentation to the appropriate authorities.


Working in conjunction with us are several construction and related service companies such as electricians, painters, upholsterers etc.


We work with leading brands of furniture, lamps, fabrics and accessories at national and international levels such as: Porta, Romana, Baker, Manutti, Cavalli, Donghia, MURANO, Italamp, Giorgio, Minotti, Bocadolobo, Koket, Kettal, Gaston y Daniela, Pedroso&Osorio, etc.


Throughout more than 25 years we have completed a variety of projects spanning restaurants, hotels, private homes, shops and offices in various countries including Spain, Russia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and the UK.